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We would like to point out that our prices correspond to the highest quality of service. You can only give your assessment after visiting Suite12. Before deciding on Suite12 prices, it is important to compare how much you've spent on taxis, drinks and other services in the adult industry in the past and how often you have been dissatisfied? Our prices are complete and no "extras" will come up to you as part of the Suite12 program.

To enjoy the times in Suite12 from A to Z, choose a program that suits your needs and budget. Business is only concluded once in advance so that this matter can no longer influence your lust. It is up to you whether you want to express your gratitude with "pocket money" to the masseuse of your choice. Basically it is not a requirement.

Prices and services can vary from masseuse to masseuse. Choose an angel from our MASSEUSES gallery and learn more about their offer and prices

Make an appointment with the angel of your choice and let yourself be carried away into the Suite12 erotic world.